CoinPayments added as a payment method!

As you already know you can pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto in our shop through Coinbase. Now we finally can roll out a big update and introduce CoinPayments as a method of purchase!

With CoinPayments you can pay with not only Bitcoin and Etherum, we have activated almost 100 cryptocurrencies that you can safely use as a payment method in our store! :)

Among these coins that we have added, you can now pay with Badcoin, Bitcoin Lightning, SmartCash, Doge, TokenPay, Sirin, Telos, BNB, BitTorrent, Dash, DigiByte, Divi, Comodo and many more!

We believe in nondiscrimination of crypto and are always open to add more coins when we see solutions that are safe and tested. CoinPayments are used by over 70 000+ shops and stores all around the world and they are one of the leading solutions to accept crypto as payment, we at The Bitcoin Wardrobe strongly believe in the use of crypto and massadoption.

So when you find your favourite item in our store you can probably pay with your favourite crypto or token! isn't that great ;)


//Christoffer Junros
Founder of TBW™

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