Different Bitcoin and Crypto wallet solutions.

View the embedded video or read the manuscript below to get a brief introduction to a few different ways of keeping your Bitcoin wallet or cryptocurrency wallets safe and secure.



"Hi, this is Christoffer from the Bitcoin Wardrobe, In today's video I will talk about some of the most common crypto wallet solutions and one very unusual but cool way of keeping your keys safe and secure, keep watching to find out what it is!
It was a long time since I published a video, head over to either youtube or dtube if you haven't seen my previous videos. Hope you will find this video both interesting and a bit cool.
Probably the most common way of hodling your crypto today is the mobile wallet, where you keep your crypto in a secure account on your phone, another popular and safe method is to secure your keys in a hardware wallet, a physical wallet that encrypts and secures your keys. One old solution that was mostly used by crypto OGs are paper wallets, where you keep both your private and public key on a piece of paper or etched metal plate. One good way that can also let you be a true part of the network as a node is a desktop wallet on your computer.
No matter which solution you prefer, always remember, not your keys not your crypto... Now if I still have your attention, let me briefly discuss a more unusual but very safe way to hodl your private key without the possibility to ever loose it is to use one of these.
This magnet reacts to a microchip beneath my skin, it's an encrypted and implantable NFC microchip that contains a encrypted private key that can only be accessed by input of correct password. I have been using it together with Mycelium to protect my private keys.
More information about my chip will come in a later video! Do you perhaps have other creative ways of hodling your keys? please comment below and let me know, as always, keep your keys safe and hodl on."

Hope you found the video interesting and that you hodl your coins in a safe method and always remember that it is vital to own the private key yourself and not relying on third party to keep your keys.

Do you want to know more about the mentioned subdermal implantable NFC microchip Bitcoin wallet? let us know and we add a section focusing on this unique method to keep your coins safe.

//Christoffer Vuolo Junros
Founder of TBW™

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