Origin Andromeda: The Beginning (Science Fiction With Crypto In It)

Origin Andromeda: The Beginning, Science Fiction With Crypto In It.

Have you had the desire to live in a world that is fully emerged with crypto values? Wanted to dine in the fine bistro Satisfied Nakamoto? Utilize the full potential of the blockchain throughout history and travel in time? As one of the first books published Origin Andromeda: The Beginning is filled with references to the blockchain ledger. Crypto use cases in space and beyond.


Origin Andromeda: The Beginning
is the story of Henrik Harlacker, a normal, suburban man who lives with his beloved wife Joanna. His life is turned upside-down one morning when a strange present appears on his desk. Touching it, he has a vision of a distant world, and from there he and his good friend Bjorn are catapulted into an intergalactic battle between the forces of good and those of greed and malice.

This book is an action-packed galactic adventure loaded with technology, humour, and unique characters that grow into their roles. The universe is accurate to physical laws while not being too conservative and restricting conceivable technical solutions; new creative technologies and engines are featured throughout the book. I hope you find the story entertaining and fascinating.



//Christoffer Vuolo Junros

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