Unique crypto mosaic artwork, Milev Ivan and The Bitcoin Wardrobe

Unique crypto mosaic artwork added on t-shirts! Make your crypto interest shown.

Are you looking for cool and unique crypto t-shirts, hand drawn and designed by a very talented artist? Want to own tasteful DeFi tee or a cool mosaic crypto inspired shirt? Then you have found the right place to do so. The artist Milev Ivan gets his inspiration from reading interesting crypto news in the morning. He is a dedicated DeFi enthusiast who wants to share his interest with the world through his crypto inspired mosaic art. Both drawings of new and famous crypto projects, real life mosaic pieces to hang on the wall or unique Mosaic NFTs.

Check out his work on IG by following @milevbtc, order one of his crypto t-shirts to support his work or go to Opensea and get your own unique crypto mosaic artwork NFT.

All of the images, mosaics and drawings are unique and really shows the meaning of DeFi and new crypto projects. The meaning behind his art is crypto, the new gold.

//Christoffer Vuolo Junros & Milev Ivan

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