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Bitcoin Face Masks

These reusable face masks will fit you nicely thanks to its adjustable nose wire and elastic bands. Choose a design that will complement your style, as face masks are becoming the new trend. Stay safe and always wash your hands! Be clever and Hodl your health!

This face mask comes in several different and interesting styles. Perfect for the Crypto enthusiasts. Show to the world which currency you prefer! Welcome!

Bitcoin Face masks are one of our best sellers.
They are washable and have the added capacity for extra filters.

Follow the recommended precautions that are given in your location to better protect yourself and your fellow humans. These face masks comes in several different and interesting styles and colours!.

Note! wearing face masks is NOT a 100% protection against viruses or bacterial infection, always wash your hands often wherever you are and keep a healthy distance between you and other people.
Stay safe ❤

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Our products are always made-to-order, to reduce CO2 waste and to better be able to manufacture your item on a factory as close to you as possible (We do our best) to limit the amount of carbon dioxide footprint that our products make. We use quality material and work together with two major factories to produce our clothes and merchandise. This is to enable us to provide you, our dear customer, with fashionable, strikingly funny and awesome designs that match your Crypto lifestyle.
Be fashionable on the Blockchain together with us.
//Christoffer Junros

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