CUE Protocol Merchandise, Crypto with real use case! The Bitcoin Wardrobe

CUE Protocol Merchandise, Crypto with real use case! The Bitcoin Wardrobe

Are you looking for a new cool crypto project? Do you want to show your support for the best crypto project out there? Then buy these crypto shirts made in collaboration with @cue_protocol They provide crypto with real use case! ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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This video is made in collaboration with CUE Protocol


What is CUE Protocol?

CUE Token is a deflationary asset with an actual use case through DApps. Thetoken have a low supply from the beginning (Only 10.000 CUE tokens will ever exist). The token was launched in February 2021, on Binance Smart Chain.

What makes CUE Protocol unique?

One aspect that makes CUE unique is that the governance wallet collects 2.5% of every transaction. Token holders have 100% control on what the governance wallet is used for. Token holders vote on the CUE Hub in order to decide whether to burn the CUE tokens in the governance wallet or spend it on marketing and development for further improvement. Token-utilizing dapps, NFT's and lottery!

What is the future of CUE Protocol?

The not yet released Cue Diligence Platform is going to help crypto investors avoid potential rug projects and make better investment decisions. This is done by logging the actions of CUE audited crypto projects. Making it very easy for investors to take appropriate and competent decisions based upon audits, KYC, questions/answers, fud/rumor, token information, team member info such as past projects, etc.


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