The Bitcoin Wardrobe offers a wide range of Bitcoin merchandise

Why order your crypto t-shirts and merchandise from us?

One of the reasons is that our products are always delivered with quality guarantee, the prices range from around 10$ (e.g. our BCP Button) to our premium embroidered crypto merchandise items such as our (Embroidered Bitcoin Unisex Hoodie) going for around 57$. With such an extensive choice, you are sure to find your new favorite item fit for your crypto lifestyle.


Made on demand Unique printing in small numbers

Our crypto t-shirt designs are unique and printed in a small number as we only manufacture on-demand.

This makes our graphic t-shirt design so much more interesting. You can wear or use one of our products proudly, knowing that you are one of a few selected people who owns and wear the same design as you are. Most of our shirts are unisex fit, however we do have some products only available as men’s t-shirt or women’s t-shirt fit.

Please feel free to read more about us in our about us page


Custom design is something we love.

Why not treat yourself to a completely custom designed bitcoin t-shirt, let us know what you prefer, any design ideas you have, or if you want to give us total freedom to surprise you with a personal design, we will do our best to make your design ideas come to life. Below is some of our printed t-shirts we are specially proud of.

Reach out to us today and we make your dream design come true- go to our Crypto merchandise customization page


Our reputation is growing fast

Happy customers, happy life.

That is our philosophy when it comes to how we run The Bitcoin Wardrobe. Every customer is equally important and every order is personally followed and if any issues arrive on the way we make sure to solve it for you. That's just what we feel is how a store should work and treat its most valuable asset, you, our customer.

Here you can find all of our customers reviews 


We offer you an exclusive print quality guarantee

When you place your order with us you have a 100% print quality guarantee, sometimes misprints can happen to even the best of us and therefore, with every order, on every product we offer you a print guarantee. In the very rare case a misprint is received we will send you a replacement print completely free of charge. That's how is always is at The Bitcoin Wardrobe, and that's how it always should be at any store selling custom printed on demand items, in our opinion.

Read more about our print guarantee


How to take care of items purchased from our store?

To ensure that the lifetime of the crypto merchandise you purchase from us have a long and lasting life its important to take correct care of it. We know it can be complicated to know how to take care of a specific product. Thats why we have collected all needed information in our print care page.

Read more about how to take care of your crypto merchandise here. Print Care Instructions


If you went through the very end of this article, I would like to sincerely thank you and I wish you will spread the word about Bitcoin and Blockchain around you.

Christoffer Vuolo Junros
Founder of TBW™

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