Centric Merchandise Collection

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Here you find our one-of-a-kind Centric merchandise. With our unique Centric merch, you can show your love and support for the Centric project.

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What is Centric?
Centric was created with the goal of replacing fiat currencies. Blockchain technology will create a more transparent world, and they feel that Centric's novel approach to long-term adoption is what distinguishes it from other cryptocurrencies today.

The most significant impediment to widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies, according to Centric, is price volatility. Unlike fiat currencies, cryptocurrency does not have a central bank to enact monetary policy aimed at maintaining purchasing power.

As a result, enormous price variations result from changes in demand. The majority of existing cryptocurrencies are now nothing more than stocks or commodities, valued based on psychology, traded on uncontrolled stock markets, and vulnerable to manipulation because to the decentralized approach of price discovery. Because volatility carries a premium, the absence of price stability has impeded the formation of credit and debt markets.

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