Unstoppable Bitcoin Dress ❤ Order your crypto merchandise dress in our store!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mrs. Bitcoin Wardrobe posing with her new favourite crypto dress! 🤩🤩


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Make a crypto statement and look fabulous in this all-over printed, fitted Bitcoin dress. You know that with this Bitcoin dress you show that Bitcoin truly is unstoppable, decentralized and a game changer to the world.

"With great ideas comes great changes, bitcoin's that." This quote from two well known brothers really stands out, its simple yet very deep.

✅ Perfect for crypto events, awesome party's, stroll downtown and on any occasion when you want to look extra cool!

The side says Bitcoin and Blockchain in Japanese, this points to the origin Satoshi Nakamoto as a tribute. Who knows maybe the creators have Japanese connections. 😯😎

Order your new crypto and Bitcoin merchandise in our store today!

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