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Why wear CUE NFT Merchandise?
Have you wondered if it was possible to physically hodl your NFT? To collect not only the awesome NFT that sits in your wallet, but also wear it or show it to other people wherever you go? Well. Now you can do just that! Pair your digital NFT with the accociated physical item an take the Blockchain with you wherever you go.

What makes the CUE NFT special?
Collect all of the different Bull NFTs with different characters, backgrounds, jobs and more. Make your bull collection the largest and most supreme of them all. To own NFT is to own something more than just a collectors items card, to own a crypto NFT is to know that the possibility for counterfeit is non existent.

What can you expect from the CUE NFT Merchandise?
Made of quality material and with DTG printing technology the prints will not fade, the shirts are durable, soft and comfortable.

Where are our products manufactured?
This product is (as all our products) made on demand. TBW™ takes our responsibility to ensure that all our products are manufactured and printed as close to you as possible, our items are manufactured either in United States, Latvia, Spain, Australia, China or Mexico depending on your location. To minimize CO2 footprint of our products, we only manufacture on demand.

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