2019 - 2023


Six reasons why Bitcoin has value!

What makes Bitcoin valuable?

Everyone knows by now that Bitcoin is worth a lot of money, but what are the reasons for the increase in value? What makes Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies valuable?

This page will very shortly present the six main reasons that make Bitcoin valuable.


Firstly, there is value in scarcity. Only 21 million Bitcoins will ever exist, and millions have already been lost due to the loss of private keys and so on. Put simply, the supply is limited.


It gives Bitcoin value since you and everyone else can easily verify where a transaction came from and where it went.


It is one of the more significant value makers for Bitcoin and Blockchain since the entire chain is stored and verified through many nodes worldwide.

No borders

Bitcoin is borderless and, therefore, can be spent, sent and seen across the globe.


Bitcoin is not controlled and cannot be controlled by any government or organization, which gives excellent value to freedom.

Backed by Math

Math is the sixth value giver for Bitcoin since the Blockchain is backed by math, in contrast to fiat currency. This enables the currency to have real-life backing.

//Christoffer Junros