About us

This store is founded by Crypto enthusiast Christoffer Vuolo Junros.

About us

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I have been in this space for several years, I'm a member of Bitcointalk who have seen the crazy rallies upwards, the fomo cycles, the trends and huge amount of different approaches towards the usage of crypto currencies and the Blockchain technology.

I started this store in an effort to provide good looking quality printed apparel and merch for both crypto enthusiast and former no coiners who wish to show their support for the crypto space.

Off-course we accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a way of payment in this store.

In Satoshi we trust!

Finest Bitcoin & Crypto Apparel!

Only the best quality and customer experience, we always aim for superiority.


Fast worldwide shipping with as low fee as possible.


Be a part of the crypto world and work together with us on mass adoption, share knowledge and use your crypto!

Always Hodl

It's good to use some of your crypto and hodl some, make sure that you always have a stack of satoshi!

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